Sunday, October 25, 2009

What Did you Do?

The blog has been quiet these days, but this cat ain't lazy, I've been working on the upcoming Police EP, with a nice, smooth rendition of "Walking on the Moon" in the box, along with a smashing (yes, smashing) version of the lesser known "Darkness" (from the brooding 1981 "Ghost in the Machine" album, check it out). I also recorded "Invisible Sun" but I'm not sure about the result, I'll redo that later on.

On other projects, I've got 5 outside musicians to contribute acoustic instruments for the "Hollow Lands" folk-blues EP (cello, harmonium, etc...) which is quite exciting.

And I've launched a myspace for the Tsinam/"Chasing Ghosts" side-project :
Not sure it will actually be ready for november 1st, but stay tuned.

This week, I'll try to add a record to the Listening Mode section, and possibly a Roland D-50 review.

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