Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Million Songs

Things here are damn COLD, and you synth nerds know what it means : lousy oscillator tuning... ah, playing the Minimoog by the fire...
I wish I had a fireplace.
And a Minimoog.
But I digress, I just wanted to say that progress is being (slowly) made on the live band demo tape, and that I had a fine idea to spend the long winter evenings (so you can see there was a point in that coldness digression after all) (I mean, sort of) : recording a series of cover EPs about artists that influenced me the most.
I'm trying to pick up songs that aren't that too well-known.
There's going to be a 4-songs Bowie covers EP, a 4-songs Gabriel EP, and I'll do Syd Barrett, Police and some others (until I just drop dead).

For instance, the Bowie EP will look something like :
1 : Andy Warhol
2 : Ashes to ashes
3 : Shopping for girls
4 : A small plot of land (already recorded)

The Police EP might be :
1 : Darkness
2 : King of Pain
3 : Secret Journey
4 : Walking on the Moon (recorded too)

And so on...
No date yet, but probably one EP per month starting this december.

And to prove that in the end I don't give a hoolop (don't check, it's a word I just made up) about relevance, a mostly unrelated pic of a guitar neck.

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