Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Band is Alive

All right, my live band's demo is online, and we're in the process of finding gigs now.
Sound quality isn't great, I'm afraid, for various reasons, but it gives a sense of how the band sounds, and it's just a demo anyway...
Jérôme Guienne on bass, Etienne Bauquin on guitar, Jérôme Herbert on Korg M50, Romain Richard on drums, and I've played Prophet 08 and Moog Little Phatty.

Three songs from our tracklist :
1 : Mary's Mellotron Song (an oldie from an EP released some years ago by now defunct Papergoose Records)
2 : All Roads Lead (from the unreleased "Up the River" LP)
3 : The Way to Dusty Death (from the recently released "Strawberry Blonde" LP)

Live Demo (zip)

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