Monday, August 31, 2009

What's Going On

So, what have we got round these parts?

I - As you're already aware, my 3rd album is out, see this post.
And to get it, go there!

Now, for future projects...

II - "The Hollow Lands" EP
I've already mentioned this, it will be a folk-blues EP, without synths, which means lots of guitars, bass, drums and other acoustic delicacies...
It will most probably be on iTunes, around Christmas, and it's an intimate yet somehow apocalyptic road trip through 1930's America.
The tracklist :
- Days of Constant Sorrow
- Hungry Ghosts
- The Hollow Lands
- Endgame Blues / The Flood Song
- Muddy River

III - "Chasing Ghosts" EP
Not sure about the format to this, but it'll probably be a side-project with a different singer. The style will be indie pop, with more electric guitar than usual.
The tracklist :
- The Farewell Song
- The Great Lost Sorrow Tune (featuring
Lowlifi on lap steel)
- Ghosts of my Enemies
- End of Words

IV - "Broken Sails II" EP
Just a temp title, but it'll be another free EP, in the same lush synthpop vein than "Broken Sails" with a little more rhythm and funkiness.
The tracklist so far :
- Colour of Bone (nice pop song with Miss Roxanne on vocals and some samples from the Twilight Zone)
- Leaving (remake of a song previously released by the now defunct Papergoose Records)
- Mary’s Mellotron Song (same)
- Life on a Sinking Ship (another sea-inspired tripping song)
- The Farewell Song II (big band pop, with Queen-like choir... well, almost!)

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