Monday, November 2, 2009

Papa's Got a Brand New Mic

I've been using the Rode NT1 for something like 12 years and thought time was ripe for change.

For the record, I've tested the Studio Electronics SE 2200A condenser microphone, which I heartily recommend if you're looking for a good sounding, well-built mic. It's a bit warmer and more detailed than a NT1.

I then tested the Studio Projects TB1 tube microphone... quite disappointing : unless you're desperate for a low-entry tube mic, the SE 2200A sounds just as good, but is a lot cheaper.

Finally, I tried the Bluebird, which I found very pleasing.
Great look and a warm, vintagey sound.
A bit pricier than the SE, but totally worth it.

Some useful reviews :


GoldenMaster said...

looking pretty serious there... it's ok to loosen up sometimes karim

khoral said...

What ya talkin' bout, this is ultraserious stuff
It's NASA launch serious, nuclear crisis serious