Friday, November 27, 2009

Disco K : "Animal Fraud", the Glorious Debut

Going on this little retrospective to celebrate this blog's first anniversary, the first part in the Disco K series, that is, a look back on my incredible discography.

PART 1 : the "Animal Fraud" album.

This is my debut album, released in 2005.

Special Attraction
envoyé par muftix. - Futurs lauréats du Sundance.

In a way, it's a transitional work, from my very cold-wave, dark early music to the more poppy, open sound I go for these days.

The production probably isn't as crisp and clean as today, but the songs stood up very well, and some are my personal favorites. I still play live “Roadmaps for the Bugs”, starring american singer Oly, and “Special Attraction”, “Alien Homestead”, “Let it come down” are great little pop pieces.

UPDATE : about the recording process itself, I was using a fair amount of plugins at the time, but 80% of the overall sound is probably Roland SH-32, my first really good synthesizer and truly an overlooked gem, and the Korg EMX, which is still one of the most affordable yet powerful workstations. The pianos are played on a Kurzweil Micropiano.

Roadmap for the Bugs
envoyé par muftix. - Futurs lauréats du Sundance.

It’s a more experimental, gritty album than my late releases and it’s absolutely worth checking out if you like my work!

If you want it, please don’t go to any MP3 site, but directly to

the BUY BUY BUY page


It’s a real CD, by the way, real commercially pressed CD (not a CDR), with booklet and all.

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