Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yet Another Mellotron

I ran across this new free Mellotron plugin the other day, from Artifake Labs.
There are two of them actually on the website, but the one I've tested is the RedTron MKV.
The features speak for themselves, so let's focus on how it sounds : very good but somewhat too clean and polished, especially if like me you're using the M-tron from Gforce.
While the M-tron sounds are often dirty and flutter quite a bit, the RedTron is smooth and pristine. That's a problem if you're after a certain grain, and a plus if you want tamer sounds that'll fit in every mix without being overwhelmingly lo-fi.
Overall a well-conceived plugin that's worth checking out (by the way, no installation needed, just a big dll to copy into your folder).

Features :
- Six sound types : 3 Violins, 8-Voice Choir, Flute, Brass, String Section, Cello.
- "Loop" and "Non-Loop" modes : as the original "Mellotron", each sound is eight seconds long but you can switch to "Loop Mode" and allows the samples to loop continuously.
- Layer possibilities & independent parameters for layer A & B (Volume, Tone, Reverb, Delay, Pan, Octave, Note & Attack parameters, Delay effect, Reverb effect, Global Pitch control).

On the same site you can also find a fairly good electric piano and an interesting orchestra plugin.

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