Friday, May 1, 2009

New free album : "Uniforms of Snow"

That's right, it's out there!

You'll also soon be able to purchase a jewel CDR version from that site.

About the album itself, check out the release info or see the post below, I'll concentrate here on the instruments, since this blog is a lot about them...

"Uniforms of Snow" was mostly composed and recorded on the Microkorg.

I actually started to record it when I first got the Microkorg, and it's all over the place... for instance, you can hear its arpegiator on the intro to "Elder Things", and the middle part of "At Last, Leaving" is also all Microkorg lead lines.

Later on, when I purchased the Moog Little Phatty, I tried to deepen the overall sound with some analogue basses and leads (for a good example, the little counterpoint thing on the second half of "Albino I").

I used the Gforce M-tron, most notably on "Elder Things" and the female choir on "Song of Ghosts".

Then I bought the Gforce Virtual String Machine plugin, and replaced some of the early freeware string machines pads with better Solina, Eminent and the lot...

The final addition was the coda to "Kadath Onward", when the theme is reprised... that's an all Roland Juno-1 arrangement.

So in the end, it's a "setup in progress" album, and I considered for a moment re-recording it with my current studio, but decided against it, as it was too much trouble and would have altered the sound too much.
It's a very Microkorgey album... the little beast from Korg is responsible for most of the little thin retro sounds, that work quite good with the more solid Moog basses and the ambient strings of the Virtual String Machine.


Anonymous said...

Loved the album's mood.
Thanks Khoral :D

khoral said...

I was just thinking I might release a new remastered version of this.

Eric Massicotte said...

I listened to this album a lot and would like a physical copy of it. ANy chance?

khoral said...

I don't think there are copies left from bitkins but send me an email with your info, I'll see what I can do.