Monday, May 11, 2009

Sergueï is Back

Another great Sergueï video, with new score...

"La séance de Sergueï" is a series of tongue-in-cheek cinema lessons by Simon Dronet...
It's in french, but I figured I might as well post this one here anyway because it's very visual and easy to understand.
This particular lesson is about split-screen, and I was asked to do an action tv series styled soundtrack.

Here's the music (you may notice there's more than in the actual video, which is often the case) :

This is the main chase cue... pretty much all Roland D-550, perfect to convey that "tv show fake strings" feeling...

This wasn't used... it's Prophet 08 for the beat and Roland D-550 for the fx.

This is the suspens bit... same setup.

A little fast paced techno fragment, done with the Korg Wavestation.

And the video itself :

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