Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Ed Wood Project?

Finding that Lugosi track makes me think I should record some kind of instrumental album in the "vintage soundtrack" vein I've been exploring these last years, with a more fantastic/horror tone... something retro, with lots of creepy mellotron, spooky beats and scary synths... maybe with more Ed Wood samples...

That's to ponder...

I love Ed Wood's work, by the way.

I first encounter the name in 1992 when a "Plan 9 from outer space" video game was released on Amiga and Atari, with the VHS film as a bonus.

Then of course was Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" starring Johnny Depp and Martin Landau, one of my favorite movies ever and the best Burton work in my books. It triggered my interest in the original movies, and I have a couple of things to say.

1 : Ed Wood is NOT the worst director of all times. I've seen an unhealthy amount of Z movies (or nanars as we call them in France), and there are many more incompetent directors in the history of cinema. Fred Sears, Godfrey Ho, I could name a few... Burton romanticized his subject a bit, but Wood really was that dedicated, creative guy with a vision.

2 : His movies are NOT the worst ever made. "Plan 9" is awfully wrong in many places, but then again, I've seen a lot worse, oh my, yes... "Bride of the monster" is a decent B movie (Burton exaggerated about the fx quality and stock footage abuse) and after multiple viewings, I take "Glen or Glenda" to be one of the craziest docudramas ever made, with flashes of pure graphic brilliance.

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