Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Casio au Naturel

When folks out there use cheap Casio, Yamaha or Bontempi toy keyboards, they usually drive them into bad distorsion to hide the supposed low quality of the sounds, or worse, circuit-bend them...
Me I proudly record them in their natural, lo-fi glory.

Drums are Roland SH-32 through Small Clone analogue chorus through Moog filter.
All the other parts are Casiotone MT-11, with a little bit of reverb.

Casio au Naturel


bitsum said...

It's really nice, I remembered we had an old electronic piano at home somewhere, but i couldn't remember what it looked like, and i'm living away from home. So began this mad hunt for an image...I wanted to take up the piano, and i was wondering if the thing was any good.
Yes, i guess I am pretty jobless. Just wanted to thank you though!

khoral said...

Thanks you!

Anonymous said...

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