Friday, December 26, 2008

Prophet 08, Zelda and some Brutal Deluxe

While working on a song for the "sea songs" EP, I took some time off playing with MIDI files of video games oldies...

So, here's two all-Prophet demos!

Speedball Theme

The first one... the sequel also had some killer music, and O the hours we played in our young years on this game. The amazing David Whittaker wrote this.

Zelda 3 Lost Woods Theme

The third one, of course, the best! (I know, I'm so old school). Written by Mr Kōji Kondō. Praises to Him.

1 comment:

Koddy said...

Lost wood is such a mystical forest where odd things could happen to you if you go there.
I'd bet that listening to the lost woods soundtrack feels like been there...
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