Thursday, December 4, 2008

In Progress : Mercenaries

I'm working on another John Cale cover, again from the 1979 Sabotage album...

Here's the basic Prophet 08 loop around which I'm building the song :
It's a single patch, which shows how you can program little sequences within the Prophet to create simple, funky and analog grooves.

Here's another groove from the song : Mercenaries-groove2.mp3
This has the same Prophet 08 loop, plus an Oberheim DMX beat and a sequenced Moog bass (Electribe EMX) juxtaposed with a single acoustic guitar line.
The guitar is processed through this hardware valve compressor (worst design ever?) :

I'm overdriving the input gain to create this mean bass guitar line.

And finally : Mercenaries-groove3.mp3
What you hear now is the same overdriven/overcompressed guitar hitting the same chord over and over, Velvet Underground-style, and a string sound courtesy of my Gforce Virtual String Machine plugin :

The basic foundations of the track are in place, I'll be recording the vocals soon and post the completed song.

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