Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Juno Waltz

The "sea songs" EP will probably be called "Broken Sails"...
Here's an idea for the back cover, with what should be the final track list (unless I change my mind, which is also quite probable because I tend to do that a lot) (I actually changed my mind a couple of times while writing this about whether or not I should write about my habit of changing my mind) (if you are reading this, then I changed my mind again, because for a moment I thought it'd be silly to expose how foggy my brain really is) (but I digress...).

There's still quite some work to do, but in the meantime here's an all-Juno waltzy mix I've extracted from "Broken Sails" (there are other instruments in the real song mix).

Juno Waltz (beat, piano and Juno-1)

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