Friday, December 5, 2008

Prophet 08 demo

Now that my new albums are done, the next order of business is to record a 4 songs EP... sea songs, that is...

Yes, the sea... you know, XIXth century dark romantic stuff, with opium and analog synths...

Here's the tracklist so far :

1 - Heart of Darkness
2 - The Ghost of India Supreme
3 - Broken Sails
4 - Endgame

I'll be using my new setup quite a lot, and most notably the DSI Prophet 08.
Here is the early sketch that got me started on the first song :
Heart of Darkness demo mp3
I don't usually use factory presets, but the main rhythmic part here is played on a great Prophet 08 factory patch called "Softie", then I wrote lyrics and developed the whole song on that basis.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I know nothing about this kind of technical domain and I shouldn't be talkative here, but your demo of Heart of Darkness is beautiful! It's a good sample of "rich and smooth, even creamy" sounds, if I reuse your words.

khoral said...

Thanks for your kind comment
Glad you appreciated
The final version is much better still!