Monday, May 24, 2010

New Album Due July 1st

The title says it all, eh?

My next commercial release will be "Life on a Sinking Ship".

The date is July 1st 2010, on CDR and iTunes.

I'm currently polishing the mix and experimenting with short songs to segue the main tracks. I'll post some excerpts and work-in-progress demos until the release.

The tracklist so far:

1 – Colour of Bone (a very very poppy song... boy is that poppy)
2 – Who the Fuck are You (a new faster and much better recording of a song already released round these parts)
3 – Life on a Sinking Ship (a funkier, moodier trip, with a hypnotic feeling)
4 – In the Clockwork City (part.1) (not sure if this will make it through the final release, it's a vocoder tune)
5 – The Opium Spider (inspired by the instrumental off the "Chasing Ghosts" EP, a dark psychedelic cue)
6 – In the Clockwork City (part.2) (reworked from an instrumental, with some weird vocal experimentation)
7 – Machines are your Friends (a long, almost prog-electro piece about living with machines)

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