Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cover Series 3 : Muddy River (Bob Dylan)

Part 3 of my ongoing Cover Series : this time a tribute to the Man himself, my all-time idol Bob Dylan.

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I've purposedly chosen tracks not too well known, and went for a slightly grittier, less produced sound than usual.

1 - High Water (a raw, dirty blues gem from 2001 "Love and Theft")
2 - Not Dark Yet (somber, bitter ballad from 1997 "Time out of mind")
3 - Man in the Long Black Coat ( a Tom Waits-like masterpiece from 1989 "Oh Mercy")
4 - Huck's Tune (an alternate mix to a track already released round these parts, from 2008 "Tell Tale Signs")
5 - Lay Down your Weary Tune (unreleased song, 1963)
6 - Wigwam (instrumental from 1970 "Self Portrait")

I've used acoustic and slide guitars, Moog bass (and lead solo on "Wigwam"), Prophet 08 pads on "Not Dark Yet" and "Huck's Tune", Gforce VSM on "Lay Down" and Gforce Mellotron pretty much everywhere else.

High Water by khoral

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