Monday, May 10, 2010

Microkorg Patches

I hadn't been using my Microkorg too much these last couple of years, but lately I've added it to my live rig and got to program new stuff.

The following track is 100% Microkorg, except CR78 drums.

All patches used on this track can be downloaded in this zip file.

They are in sysex format. You may use a free software like MIDI-OX to load them in your Microkorg.

Breathless by khoral


Philippe said...

Absolument superbe !! ;-)

Au fait, j'en profite pour te donner des nouvelles de mon Prophet 08. Souviens-toi, il y a quelques mois, je t'avais parlé du manque de précision de certains encodeurs qui déconnaient complètement. Entre-temps, DSI m'a remplacé l'ensemble des cartes internes par une nouvelle génération munie d'encodeurs crantés : quel changement, une précision incroyable, que du bonheur !! Le SAV chez Dave Smith Instruments est hallucinant d'efficacité, de vrais pros (et sympas en plus).

alex said...

Hey have you tried using the microkorg sound editor? Just wondering if it's possible to load the patches that way?

khoral said...

I haven't used the sound editor at all, and to my knowledge it uses a different file format and can't process sysex files...

Thor said...

Sounds great!!! I recorded a demo of my playing with my own custom MicroKORG patches as well.

khoral said...

Very good patches, it goes to show how vintage this machine can sound.
I wonder how the new XL fare in comparison, given that they've changed the engine to make it more "modern".