Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Went Live

So, we played yesterday at a nice event round here... good place, good sound, good audience.

More higher-res pics to come, and also the recording of the whole gig (or at least the best of it!), so stay tuned.

The setlist was :

1) Colour of Bone (from upcoming "Sinking Ship" EP)
2) The Ghost of India Supreme (from "Broken Sails" EP, 2009)
3) Nixonia (from unreleased "Up the River" LP)
4) Strawberry Blonde (from "Strawberry Blonde" LP, 2009)
5) Mary’s Mellotron Song (from the upcoming "Sinking Ship" EP)
6) Fell the Dog (from "Strawberry Blonde" LP, 2009)
7) Roadmaps for the Bugs (from "Animal Fraud" LP, 2005)
8) Lord of Rain, Lord of Snow (from unreleased "Up the River" LP)
9) The Fortune Song (from "Broken Sails" EP, 2009)
10) Nothing Sickened (from "Black Hole Years" LP, 2006)
11) Who the Fuck are You (from upcoming "Sinking Ship" EP)

And as a little encore : a solo version of "Opium Spider" (from the upcoming Sinking Ship EP) and "All Roads Lead" (from unreleased "Up the River" LP).

Gear-wise, I played Roland Juno-1, Microkorg and Boss SP-303.


Anne et Sébastien said...

Thanks for the audience ! ;-)

The show was really great.

khoral said...

Hurray for the audience

John Fisher said...

looking good there! Did anyone throw their underwear at you?!

khoral said...

People threw a lot of things at me, there might have been some garment in there.