Sunday, April 11, 2010

Return of the Reviews

I've been pretty lax on reviews these last few months, and unduly so because there's still hardware and software in my armory I haven't talked about in some detail (Crumar Bit-01, Gforce M-Tron, Electribe EMX...).

That's why I'm busy writing a little piece on the handsomely retro Korg Poly-800, which I hope to finish tomorrow.

I'll also continue the Listening Mode section with a post on one of my favorite (well my favorite?) artists ever, Miss Stina Nordenstam.

All that and more in the next days.


Regend said...

i have one of's like a mini DX7. love some of the mods that are out there...i might go in on one of them. looking for a proper software patch editor via MIDI.

khoral said...

I think I saw a mod adding knobs some time ago, that'd be great