Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cover Series 2 : Deer Me (Queen)

All right, there it is!

Four Queen cover songs, from the super-well-known to the ridiculously obscure.

You may download this free EP HERE


- the first ever produced piano and Moog orchestral version of "We Will Rock You"
- a languid, moody rendition of not-so-well-known ballad "Rain Must Fall"
- the raunchy, proto-funk groove of one "Action this Day"
- a poppy, Beatlesque, psychedelic "Life is real"

Instruments used : Moog Little Phatty obviously, but also Crumar Bit-01 and Korg Poly-800 on "Rain Must Fall", a fair amount of Prophet 08 on "Life is Real" and Roland D50 strings on "Action this Day".

Next albumette in the Cover Series will either be David Bowie or Kate Bush, depending on what's done before June 1st.

We Will Rock You by khoral


John Fisher said...

great cover track! Certainly explores a different perspective ;)

khoral said...