Monday, April 26, 2010

Upcoming : Cover Series vol.3 : Bob Dylan

Mr Zimmerman is in town next July 1st, and here's an opportunity to see legend in the flesh that I can't afford to miss...

So, it seems à propos to dedicate the next Cover Series EP to one of my all-time favorite artists (I pretty much have in store everything he ever recorded, official or unofficial).

This Cover Series chapter will feature:

1 - High Water (a raw, dirty blues gem from 2001 "Love and Theft")

2 - Not Dark Yet (dark, bitter ballad from 1997 "Time out of mind")

3 - Huck's Tune (already released round these parts, from 2008 "Tell Tale Signs")

4 - Man in the Long Black Coat ( a Tom Waits-like masterpiece from 1989 "Oh Mercy")

5 - Lay Down your Weary Tune (unreleased song, 1963)

This will be released on May 1st.

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