Saturday, March 13, 2010

Upcoming : "Upon a Sleepless River"

So, there's been a couple of good releases lately (notably Tsinam's "Chasing Ghosts" and the Police covers), but I've still lots of music to put out there this year, because basically I can't stop working.

"Upon a Sleepless River" is an instrumental album to be released soon on netlabel Bitkins (which already released my "Uniforms of Snow" album).

"Upon a Sleepless River" is a dense, dark, political, cinematographic work with moody piano improvisations, noise experiments and a mix of cold digital landscapes and searing analogue leads.

A couple of tracks will feature the grooves and ambient sound design of Mr Fisher aka Ricemutt aka Bagger288 aka Golden Master.

The good people at Bitkins are currently reworking the site, so I'll let you know the final release date when it comes.

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