Thursday, March 11, 2010

Abe's New Video Game Score

So, I've been making some music for a fun iPhone game app...

More on the game later on when the music is implemented, but meanwhile let's hear how it goes.
I was asked by the game designer to do a "retro gaming" kind of soundtrack, which needless to say is right in my alley.

Oh, and I've been doing this with a Lincoln mask, as one would expect.

This is a medley of all music cues I did for the game.

0.00 to 0.40 : Game menu, mostly done with the Crumar Bit01.

0.40 to 2.32 : Game theme, with tons of Solina, Yamaha SS30, Oberheim Xpander samples courtesy of Gforce's Virtual String Machine, along with Moog and Prophet 08 leads.

2.32 to 4.02 : Faster game theme, again with the Virtual String Machine, a Moog lead and a Casio-like beat from my usual Drums Overkill plugin.

Ibloxs  by  khoral

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