Saturday, March 6, 2010

Single du Jour : Toys

Another song from the "Strawberry Blonde" album.A nice, electronic pop tune (Moog Little Phatty everywhere), with Miss Roxanne on backing vocals.

The lyrics were inspired by something I had read about a schizophrenic girl who once said to her doctors : "I feel like a puppet whose eyes fell down inside"

You can download the song and the album HERE through iTunes

Toys  by  khoral

"It is indeed a sorry sight
The eyes of the doll
Fell down inside
This broken toy
Can’t see no thing
This broken toy
Can’t see no more
Alas poor Y.
Its friends are gone
Some are dead puppets
Eyes fell down
Some are lunatics
Eyes fell down
Inside their mind

And when they took it for a ride
They couldn’t find the eyes
And thought it was a sign
This broken toy
Don’t need the world
This broken toy
Is happier
Its metal eyes
They’ll just corrode
Can’t fix its broken words
And all the spells
Can’t fix its broken self
Eyes corrode
Falling from the words
Can’t stand the dirt
The blessing and the curse"

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