Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rainbows in Motion

A dance and motion graphics video by Nicolas Plaire
I did the score, and while my memory is a bit fuzzy, here's my recollection of the music process :
On the intro, you can hear snippets of "Heart of Darkness", featured on the new free EP "Broken Sails" (scroll this page down), and an easy listening tune that was done with Gforce's M-Tron plugin...
The glitchier bit that follows was produced with the Prophet 08, pretty much by itself.
The pop part is all Moog Little Phatty.
Enjoy the video, and later on, I'll post the various bits of music in MP3 form.
UPDATE : short edit now, the final version

Rainbows in Motion from Nicolas Plaire on Vimeo.

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