Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Analogue Arpeggiators

A little experimental tune...
The basic part here is me playing the Prophet 08 arpeggiator with the left hand and the Moog Little Phatty arpeggiator with the right, both synths being recorded in the same take.
I then added a couple of Prophet pads and a little Moog solo.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, piece. Analog Rules! Kind of reminds me of an Alan Parsons instrumental from the mid-80's. Did you sync the arpeggiator clocks? Keep up the good work!

khoral said...

Yeah! Loved Alan Parsons a lot when I was a teen... well, still do, I was just listening again to the Eye album a couple weeks ago

Anyway to answer the question, no sync at all, I just played both arpeggiators live on a single take, trying to hit keys at the same time (both synths plugged into the mixer and the mixdown going to the computer).