Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Funkotron - a compilation of retro synth music

I usually don't post external music on this blog, but here's a nice exception to the rule.

Last time I said I was a Bob Dylan fan, but I'm also a lover of all things vintage synth, and these last years I've been collecting quite a lot of obscure, 70's to early 80's cheezy, Moog-ish, funny stuff, and well, thought I might just compile some of my favorite music for you to enjoy...

I've deliberatly avoided the more well-known artists, like Moroder or Space. This is mostly not-so-well-known crazy retro funky-disco mumbojumbo, ending with more laidback ambient music.

Complete track list :

1. Harry Thumann - Sphinx (5:20)
2. Silicon Teens - State Of Shock (3:11)
3. Alex Cima - Eight Seven Seven (5:51)
4. Bernard Fèvre - Weekee Way (1:59)
5. Tony Carey - Radio Tokyo (3:21)
6. Doris Norton - Personal Computer (4:38)
7. James Saunders - Axial (2:17)
8. Piero Umiliani - Centrali Termiche (2:24)
9. Alex Cima - Rocket's Cat (4:16)
10. I Signori Della Galassia - Proxima Centauri (8:31)
11. Frédéric Mercier - Spirit (7:44)
12. Roger Roger & Nino Nardini - Eery Dream (2:14)
13. Automat - Ultraviolet (6:19)
14. Teddy Lasry - Quasar (7:09)

And the zip files, in two parts because Mediafire only allows 100Mb uploads at a time
My artwork and MP3 player icon included!


teh_bucket_brigade said...

oh my god they are sooo cheeesy! I LOVE THEM!!

khoral said...

I'm so totally wallowing in retro cheese these days
Can't get enough!

Gustav North said...

Hi can u tell me ur opinion about this tech loops?