Thursday, February 20, 2014

Upcoming Album : March 1st, 2014 - "Hungry Ghosts"

All right, I've got tons of projects lingering on, I've got to release them at some point.

It all begins with my electro-folk-blues album, "Hungry Ghosts" (anc. "Hollow Lands"... well I might change my mind yet again on this before it's out).

The release is March 1st 2014. It will be my first Bandcamp release.

It will feature 10 songs, ranging from indie folk ("Hungry Ghosts", "Wing Bones", "Life on the Outside", "John Fisher and the 1000 Ghost Monkeys") to dark blues ("Endgame", "The Hollow Lands", "The Flood Song", "Days of Constant Sorrow") to Nick Drake-esque spiritual ("Dark Mind", "Snowfall").

A good deal of these will be sung by Miss Roxanne. It also features contributions by Ted Laderas (cello), Adcbicycle (electric bass, bells and drums), and Oystermoon (electric bass and backing vocals).

Some of the video links above are shot as works in progress, I'll update them up until March 1st.

This is the cover project, derived from Margaret Brundage's work on Weird Tales.

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