Sunday, February 9, 2014

Demo : Virtual String Machine Expansion Pack

I am a big user of Gforce Software's Virtual String Machine plugin, which features a collection of synth strings instruments from the 70's and 80's.
So when an expansion pack comes along, here I am.

The expansion pack adds new instruments to the plugin, some very obscure (Clef Strings? Elektronika EM25?), some pretty famous (Polymoog's Vox Humana patch heard on many classic Gary Numan records, or the Yamaha GX1, an analog beast produced to 10 units or so, notably used by Stevie Wonder on "Village Ghetto Land" and "Pastime Paradise").

Virtual String Machine isn't just a sample player, it's a fully fledged synth, with dual filters, LFO, envelope, effects.
This is a very quick improvisation on some of the new instruments.

So you can use the new instruments as samples if you bypass the synth engine.

But you can also use them as new oscillators for the synth. Some of them are smooth and silky, others are grainy and gritty, nice variety of tones.

All strings from the VSM Expansion Pack.
Drums : Korg Volca through EHX Big Muff.
Leads : Moog Little Phatty

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