Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remixing the Past : Broken Sails

Second song remixed from the 2008 "Broken Sails" EP, the title track.

The Mockery King of Snow
Sits silent in the rain
Staring into the wound
In the side of his broken sail
The stars they’re wandering
In the troubled sky below
All the men lay deep in sorrow
They knew of joys that never go

At the corner of sunken roads
In the pure shroud of snow
Even the greatest ship
Gets lost in the undertow
A heavy rain is pouring down
And it’s pouring on our souls
All the men lay deep in sorrow
They knew joy would never go

The fog bells ring, then ring no more
The poison’s getting cold
And who’s to heal our wounds
While we take the highest road
While the oceans depose
Our Mockery King of Snow
He’s been living on the tight rope
Carrying such a heavy load
Leading us to our broken home


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