Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hands-On : Korg SV1

I won't pretend to do a review from playing it 30 minutes at a shop, but to chime in on the buzz surrounding the new Korg SV1 : my feeling is that it's a very nice instrument, and possibly the best buy if you're looking for a digital piano with outstanding vintage sounds (Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinet...).

Where the SV1 shines is the multisampling of the mechanical noises, clicks and impurities that belong to a real instrument. It really gives a lot of life to the samples and once you start to toy around with the high-quality FX, you just lose track of time playing hypnotic waves of tremolo/phased Fender or hitting juicy RMI riffs. There are no menus or sub-menus on the SV1 : every function has a knob, which is refreshing for a digital instrument.

All in all, I was very favorably impressed and I'll leave the final word to Sound on Sound's Gordon Reid :
"Perhaps because we are so accustomed to affordable workstations delivering such anamazing breadth of sounds and features, the current rule seems to be ‘more is better, so lots must be best’. In contrast, the SV1 is not feature laden and it’s not designed to be all things to all players. Nor is it designed to be many things to many players. It’s designed to do just a handful of things, but to do them extremely well".

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