Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disco K : "Black Hole Years", the Unexpected Follow-up

This was my second commercial album, released in 2006 in digital format.
If you are a regular follower, you know that I'm sort of an electronic instrument buff, but I also happen to be a pre-WWII blues aficionado.
My heroes being Blind Willie Johnson, Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, Son House, Mississipi Fred McDowell, Blind Willie McTell, to name a few...

Lone Drifter
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The first album was very electronica and cold wave, so I went for the opposite approach regarding the follow-up.

"Black Hole Years" is a very lo-fi, dark, gritty, blues album, in the vein of Tom Waits's later works (with a mellower voice).
There are synths in there all right, but mostly big analog-style bass, some pads and some Mellotron.
The rest is slide guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, well, guitars... and clapping hands...

Nothing Sickened
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It was released on british netlabel and is still available on most digital distribution sites.

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