Friday, January 30, 2009

Sherman Filterbank Extravaganza

The Sherman Filterbank 2 is, to quote the official site, "a powerful analog filtering and distortion unit with a huge frequency range and a killing TUBE overdrive behavior".

This particular unit I have on loan these days, and as you can tell from the pictures (click for higher res), it clearly has seen better days... I've been listening to the official demos and I'm not quite sure it isn't damaged in some way...

In any case, everything I fed to it came out as sonic mess, with the knobs having little or no effect.

This is, uh, the most listenable thing I could come up with!
Death to Moog
Processed guitar and Roland D-550 (which I will continue to tag as Roland D-50 for clarity sake, since it's the same synth anyway)


Anonymous said...

jesus, have you been bathing it in acid bath, or attached to a string and dragged through puddles. no care about the instrument whatsoever

khoral said...

Dear anonymous, as stated in the post, I don't own the Filterbank but have it on loan (from someone who actually had it on loan as well).
Whether the original owner had it bathed in acid or dragged behind a truck, I couldn't say.

Rhythm of Rain said...

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