Sunday, January 11, 2009

Moog Arpeggiator

Last friday I had my Little Phatty's memory upgraded, in order to install the 2.0 OS update .
The main feature is of course the new arpeggiator, which I found to be well-conceived and fun to play.

The patterns are up, down and order, that is, notes being arpeggiated in the same order they are played. Sadly, no random mode... but I believe that could come in a future update.
The arpeggio can then be played in a loop (for a Cm chord : C - Eb - G - C - Eb - G, etc...), back and forth (C - Eb - G - Eb - C - Eb - G, etc...), or one-shot (C - Eb - G, then stops).
I've always been fond of arpeggiators. They aren't for people too lazy to program sequencers, like I've heard sometimes. It's a tool to play with, and interact with.
Some snippets I did today while testing it.

They are quite simple sounding, using merely a single oscillator, because as I've started, I realised that the Little Phatty was badly out of tune, and the calibration routine takes quite some time, so...
I'll upload more interesting songs using the Moog arpeggiator along with beats and other instruments.

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