Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gear, Gear...

Resuming live work after summer hiatus and thinking about ways to implement more electronic sounds to our setup.
Right now I'm playing with a bass player, a drummer and a guitar player.
I'm playing guitar and using the Microkorg's vocoder for my tune "Clockwork Cities".
I think it should be somewhat more electro-ish to fit in with the studio albums.

Three solutions came to mind.

1) Keeping the Microkorg for vocoder and some vintage pads, and adding Mellotron via this very good iPad app called Mellotronics M3000. Pristine samples, good effects, dual sound layering and a very fun chord sequencer. The downsize is that you've got to trust the iPad on stage.

2) Keeping the Microkorg for vocoder, forgetting about Mellotron and adding the outstanding DSI Tetra module. I already own a Prophet 08, which was an instant analogue classic and still is my main polyphonic instrument. The Tetra is basically one half of a Prophet 08, which preserves the ability of the Prophet 08 to layer patches and run several sequences in parallel. That way you can program some very complex analog grooves. Good stuff for live.

3) Buying a KingKorg and that's that. Well, it' rather pricey on the face of it, but all I need is there : a Korg vocoder, vintage synths, Mellotrons...

Mmmh, decisions...

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