Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fujifilm X-Pro1 + Canon L 70-200mm 4.0

A little performance test. I'm using the Pixco EOS-FX adapter I've received today, which you can find easily enough on Ebay (one among other options).

Bear in mind, if you are a X-Pro1 owner or a Canon owner contemplating buying a X-Pro1, that using a Canon lens with the Fujifilm is only a temporary solution until the Fujinon lens park gets bigger (for one thing, there won't be any Fuji 70-200mm lens until 2013).

In the case of the Canon 70-200mm L lens, the ring adapter allows you to mount it on the X-Pro1, but you will lose:
- aperture control (the lens will be wide open all the time)
- AF (which also means you have to manually focus using the electronic viewfinder, which requires a steady hand, trust me).

Anyway, with a little bit of practice, the Canon lens delivers great images on the Fuji and it's good enough until the Fujinon zoom comes along.

The following pictures are straight from the camera, no correction, shot in RAW and converted to JPEG in Photoshop. They all are in full resolution, so you can download and see the details.

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