Friday, July 20, 2012

Recording "Nowhere Near" : Atari Forever

Since I'm finalizing this project, let's redo this old post.

"Nowhere Near" will be featured on the Crack-Up EP. It's Eighties-style, synthpop, bouncy thing. Lots of Moog.
Last thing I wanted to do is a 16bit computer outro. Now, let me state that I am NOT into chiptune music. BUT the song itself had a little retro vibe to it, with somewhat nostalgic lyrics, so it felt right to end it up with a little Atari ST tune.

Not being crazy enough to bring back my old Atari (if it would work anyway), I've used the next best thing, that is, the excellent ymVST emulation (HERE).

The following excerpt from "Nowhere Near" is the "Atari ST" arrangement submix.


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