Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cover du Jour : Split Yourself Lilith (Liger)

This one has been laying low for too long.
I've recorded it for a Bitkins project that never came to fruition, where each musician would cover another one's song (Adcbicycle did an outstanding version of my "Way to Dusty Death").
So anyway, this is a great great song by Liger.

"Hello ghost, can i try to impress you?
Like with crushing my dull face on the pavement.
Split yourself Lilith,
like i drove a wedge between us
Oh ghost, i have betrayed you,
curb-stomped your infinite faith.
Stiched to the pillow in someone else's place,
baited with rags soaked in their saliva.
This is not a battle, it's a fucking massacre.
I am probably turning into something disgusting.
Oh ghost, oh how i failed you. It's like killing.
I could not impress you. I can not save you!"

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