Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free LP : "Uniforms of Snow"

Since the original release on label Bitkins isn't available any longer, I'm re-releasing this free instrumental album.


Or find it on Archive

"Uniforms of Snow" started out around 2007 as a tribute to early electronic music, using retro drum machines and analogue synth sounds. It gradually evolved into a full instrumental album inspired by HP Lovecraft's 1931 novel "At the mountains of madness", about a scientific expedition to Antarctica that uncovers the remains of a strange ancient culture. Now what if the novel had been put into movie around 1975, with John Carpenter providing the soundtrack? This is how it could have turned out... an all-instrumental, vintage-sounding album, with plenty of primitive beatboxes and Moog sounds, and musical inspiration ranging from Brian Eno's 70's ambient textures to Kraftwerk's synth-pop grooves.

Gear : lots of Microkorg from the early version, and Moog Little Phatty, Gforce Virtual String Machine added on the final version.


Epsilon said...

Wow! A real time travel in terms of the music style and the underlying book theme. Listening to this EP takes me back to the 80s when I was listening to lots of early Jarre/TD/Kraftwerk and was scared to death by Lovecraft's stories, one of which 'Mountains of Madness' is still my favourite. Thanks for throwing this at us from your archives. Really good. One thing, though: I don't understand why it is an EP when it looks like a full length album.

khoral said...

Thanks... those are clearly the influences on this, and Blade Runner too.

Yup, typo there, it should read LP, I'll correct that.

I love Mountains of Madness, I have a very distinct memory of when I first read it 15 years ago.