Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's Go Hi-Def : Blade Runner and Apocalypse Now

I think Blu-Ray is more impressive on old movies than new ones. Of course, the latest productions look great, but what would you expect? What really stuns me is the way old, and sometimes very old movies can be rediscovered in this format.

So, these aren’t reviews of the films, and neither reviews of the discs. The focus of ths ongoing segment will be on the upgrade from DVD to Blu-Ray, and whether you should reach again to your wallet. For these movies, the answer is definitely YES.

Blade Runner
    This Ridley Scott masterpiece has known many versions, and this one, like the previous DVD edition, will most likely be the definitive one.
    The DVD looked great, but the Blu-Ray is an absolute must, restoration-wise. The picture is outstanding, clear but not clean, full of detail but not noise, the colors are beautiful, the blacks are black. All in all, this 1982 movie just don’t show its age, and actually looks a lot more impressive than many 2000’s sci-fi movies.

    Apocalypse Now
      Another movie with multiple versions. For once, I have to admit I do prefer the original theatrical version instead of the new Redux director’s cut, because I feel the added footage, mostly background stuff, only dilutes the story. Anyway, the DVD Redux edition was superb, and the Blu-Ray is breathtaking. The fiery orange Vietnamese skies, the spectacular helicopter attack, the darkly lit indoors scenes, everything shows a great amount of detail and a perfect colour balance.

      If you already own the DVD versions, an upgrade is essential on these two.

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