Sunday, March 27, 2011

M-Audio Venom Demo

I couldn't resist, could I?
I bought this bundle of badass fun yesterday and here's a first demo.

All sounds are from the Venom.
No external drums.

I already talked about the sound. It's real edgy and noisy and inspiring.

I do have a major gripe though, interface-wise. You can't program sounds without the software editor.
I don't mean that it's inconvenient without the software.
I mean to say that you absolutely NEED a computer, because most editing functions aren't accessible through the synth LCD menus.
For instance, you can't select the oscillator waveforms on the synth. That's done with the software editor.
You can select the FX type and its mixing level, but you can't change the FX settings.
And so on.... 
This is really a problem.
I understand that a synth in that price range can't have a decent array of knobs, and surely its modulation matrix is best taken care of by the software editor.
But no access whatsoever to the whole editing process via the synth? That's preposterous. 
These drastic limitations mean that you just can't take the synth away and program stuff.
You need a computer at all times.
I really hope manufacturers will understand at some point that the reason why we buy hardware instruments is because WE DON'T WANT TO USE THE DAMN COMPUTER.

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