Friday, January 14, 2011

NAMM Thoughts : Korg KRONOS

So, the annual music gear extravaganza is on back in Cali-foh-nia.

Now there were two rather mysterious products that I was keen on learning about, the new Dave Smith project and the Korg Kronos.

Let’s talk first about the godly named Kronos from Korg.

Somewhat unsurprisingly it’s yet another workstation, and usually that’d be where my attention vanishes in thin air, but there’s something about the instrument.

I’ve never been a fan of workstations, because while they tend to deliver very professional and clean sounding tunes, they usually lack personality, and I’d rather own several distinctive instruments.

Also, it should be said that for all the grandiose commercial rhetoric from Korg about what a giant step for mankind this is, let’s face it, the Kronos seems at first glance to be a stripped-down version of the mighty Oasys.

But that’s the precise reason why I do find it interesting.

The Oasys is a powerful instrument, featuring several complete synthesizers, but it’s hugely expensive.

The Kronos boasts 9 synth engines, which cover quite many aspects of modern synthesis : you’ve got your sample-based synthesis, FM, analogue modeling, but also string modeling, the return of wave sequencing from my beloved Wavestation (now that’s a GREAT idea) and the acclaimed MS-20 and Polysix emulations.

With such a diversified package, one can dream about the interesting combinations of atmospheres it would provide.

How much will it cost?

Here’s the itch, it’ll probably be very expensive still, with rumors of a 2.999 to 3.999$ price tag, seemingly confirmed by this Nova Musik pricing :

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