Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Retroblog : Patches Everywhere

Some synth sounds I've posted last year.

Moog Little Phatty

(Hit a low key, hold it and put the mod wheel to maximum, for some apocalyptic and analogue crescendo).

Atari Forever
(Switch the arpeggiator on and toy around with bizarre chords and the mod wheel)

Prophet 08

Speedallish (Bank 1 - 25)
Electronic sequence, quite dynamic

DoublePad (Bank 1 - 35)
An experiment with the Prophet's dual layering : a low pad morphes into a higher one

4VoiceDreampad (Bank 1 - 36)
Another 4 voices analogue pad... use mod wheel to add some nice vibrato

Four Sounds

Roland D50

The Bank
A complete bank of great factory sounds... it's mostly strings and pads, but note that the bank also features Jarre's sounds for the Revolutions album (the "Industrial revolution" intro sound, etc...) Please please, remember to back up your own bank before sending this sysex, because everything will be replaced!

If you need a freeware to manage all that stuff, try MIDI-OX.

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