Friday, June 26, 2009

Beat It (The Aptly Funeral Piano Cover)

Well, I'm of those people who didn't especially care for Jackson's weird personal life, but I grew up in the eighties listening to his stuff and loved the musician, so I'm a bit dismayed by the news.

I had the "Bad" album K7 when I was a kid and pretty much wore it down, and just a couple of weeks ago I found a bargain copy of the Jacksons Five's "Destiny", which contains some badass funky grooves.

So anyway, I won't digress endlessly on Michael Jackson's oddities, I'm sure the blogosphere can indulge without me on that.

I'm actually thinking of a demo recording I did a couple of years ago to test a new piano emulation plugin. Can't remember the synths too well, but most probably Microkorg.
It's the classic "Beat it" single, in dirge mode.
Rest in peace.


Hylian said...

I loved this cover. Have you, by any chance, made some cover art for it?

Also, the piano and synth sound is quite haunting, definitely the kind of sound that I like. Can you give me any details on what the emulation plugin was?

I'm just starting to get into the world of recording and synthesizers—I'm a complete newbie at it—and I'd love to be able to achieve this kind of sound.

khoral said...

Thanks, glad you liked it
I didn't do any cover art specifically for that, but in the future I might compile some covers in that vein and release it with CD cover art...

The piano plugin was Pianoteq.
As far I'm concerned, it's the best one if you don't want to use space-consuming samples.
The Pianoteq don't use any piano samples, but synthesize the whole sound from scratch, so it's a very light program, and also an incredibly realistic emulation.
The best part of it is that since it's all synthesis, you can create your own piano with ease.