Monday, February 9, 2009

Roland D50 patches

It's patch time!
Let me say first that these aren't my sounds... with an interface that crappy, I haven't really had the time and/or the energy to get to serious programming yet.
What I've done, on the other hand, is compiling all string and pads I could in one sysex file.
This was mostly for my purposes in the short term, but then I thought it might be useful to other new owners.
The Bank
So, if you just just purchased a Roland D50 or D550, you can use this sysex to load a complete bank of great factory sounds... it's mostly strings and pads, but note that the bank also features Jarre's sounds for the Revolutions album (the "Industrial revolution" intro sound, etc...)
Please please, remember to back up your own bank before sending this sysex, because everything will be replaced!
Also, if you need a freeware to manage all that stuff, try MIDI-OX/

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