Monday, November 24, 2008

Man is the Warmest Place to Hide

The man with the moustache is John Carpenter.
He has a nice moustache and he's quite a film maker as well, but he's also a damn great musician and synth aficionado...
I'm mostly fond of his late 70s/early 80s soundtracks, what with the vintagish gear and reverby drum machines...
If you aren't familiar with the work, I strongly suggest you go listen to the Halloween and Fog OSTs, and I positively order that you listen to the 1976 Attack on Precinct 13 (all right, here's the main theme, between you and me, and yes, it's the Bomb the Bass sample)
The man has used a variety of classic instruments, most notably, and I'm so totally not-exhaustive :
Prophets 5 and 10 (Choice of the Year 1980 for HoboSynth Magazine)

Arp Quadra (notice that this particular synth has also been used by another famously moustached man) (but also Tony Banks from Genesis, which to the best of my knowledge has always been moustacheless)

Oberheim DMX (an excellent digital drum machine which I think he actually used, although I can't seem to find the exact reference now, so really you'll have to take my word on it... I mean, the wikipedia page doesn't mention him as a user but who you gonna believe, wikipedia or me? I mean, come on)

Arp Avatar (stolen from the gods of the keyboard bestowed on the disciples of the guitar, a legend that never made any sense to me)

So, in tribute to our man John and all the hellish moustaches of the underworld, here's a little instrumental track I did last Halloween.
It's basically Prophet 08 and Wavestation...

That's all folks


Paul Durango said...

Salut l'ami,
mon dieu je viens de découvrir ton blog et c'est très intéressant tout ça! j'ai downloadé des choses sur mediafire et j'écouterai tout ça..

Sinon, oui, Les Moustaches a bien utilisé des boomtchak d'une DMX ; j'abonde.

Et bien sûr tu connais cet album, absolument formidable :

Je reviendrai!


Miles Bader said...

Ergh, the price on that Obie DMX is equivalent to around $(USD)7000+ today!!

khoral said...

How crazy is that, eh?