Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Outtake du Jour : Room Within a Room

This was recorded last month for the upcoming "Up the River" album, but it didn't work quite right, so there it is...
Lots of acoustic instruments and Mellotron.
Room Within a Room by khoral

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cover du Jour : Mercy Street

This was intended for a Peter Gabriel "Cover Series" EP, but I couldn't put together more tracks, so there you go...
This is possibly my favorite song ever. I kept things very minimal.

Download MP3

Mercy Street by khoral

Looking down on empty streets, all she can see
Are the dreams all made solid
Are the dreams all made real

All of the buildings, all of those cars
Were once just a dream
In somebody's head

She pictures the broken glass, she pictures the steam
She pictures a soul
With no leak at the seam

Lets take the boat out
Wait until darkness
Let's take the boat out
Wait until darkness comes

Nowhere in the corridors of pale green and grey
Nowhere in the suburbs
In the cold light of day

There in the midst of it so alive and alone
Words support like bone

Dreaming of mercy street
Wear your inside out
Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy's arms again
Dreaming of mercy street
Swear they moved that sign
Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy's arms

Pulling out the papers from the drawers that slide smooth
Tugging at the darkness, word upon word

Confessing all the secret things in the warm velvet box
To the priest-he's the doctor
He can handle the shocks

Dreaming of the tenderness-the tremble in the hips
Of kissing Mary's lips

Dreaming of mercy street
Wear your insides out
Dreaming of mercy
In your daddy's arms again
Dreaming of mercy street
Swear they moved that sign

Looking for mercy
In your daddy's arms

Mercy, mercy, looking for mercy
Mercy, mercy, looking for mercy

Anne, with her father is out in the boat
Riding the water
Riding the waves on the sea

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More Monotribe Sellers

German shop Thomann has it for 190€ with an august 16th availability date.
So, the release date might be somewhat uncertain still, but it looks like we can safely assume the 190€ tag to be correct.
Cheaper would have been fine, say 149€, but it's a decent price for an analog synth with audio in filtering and groovy retro drum tones.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cover du Jour : Muddy Waters

This has been hanging around my archives for months and months.
Cover of a song by country-folk band Seldom Scene (but I actually discovered the song itself through Johnny Cash).
A fair amount of Mellotron sounds in there, including detuned piano and twangy guitars.

Muddy Waters by khoral


The world is noise.
(Inside the JX3P)

Friday, April 15, 2011

M-Audio Venom Demo Part Trois

And here's another tune all recorded within the new M-Audio Venom.
No external drums and no external effects (although I should say that the parts have been tracked through the UA710 preamp with a good amount of tube distorsion).

By the way, I'm using the multimode and the arpeggiator to layer these grooves, but nothing is MIDI-sync, it's all live, trying to trigger the grooves in sync with each other. The fact that it works so well is really a tribute to how fun and playable this thing is.

Downgrade by khoral

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monotribe on June 1st?

Andertons Music has updated its Monotribe with a June 1st availability.
Gee, can't wait.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Covers Ahead

Still working (now and then) on the "Up the River" album, but there's also a fair number of cover songs in my stock to be released.
Stay tuned for some Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Tim Buckley, Wishbone Ash and REM.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Monotribe Price

Some British music sites, like Andertons or Dolphin, already state a 169£ price tag for the upcoming Korg Monotribe.
That'd be 190€ and 276$ (ouch!).
Is it the real final price? Time will tell, but 190€ sounds reasonable to me. If it doesn't go any higher, I'll sure buy one of these. If by chance it's lower, well, I'll buy a couple!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hi-Res Monotribe

Well, well.. looks like I've chosen the right moment to sell my Monotron.
The new Monotribe looks amazing.
I especially appreciate the new chromatic ribbon system : let's face it, you just couldn't play a melody on the Monotron, which is part of why I sold mine back. And here comes sequencer and analog drums as well. That's neat, I say.
Apparently it could cost something like 280€, which is decent.

Here's the highest resolution pic I could find on the web.