Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Crack-Up

(Buy the) Song : The Crack-Up
Shot in Pornic, Paris, New York, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and Greece.

Khoral - Crack Up from Nicolas Plaire on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Photo Marathon Nantes 2015

Thème : Le monde à l'envers

Thème : Abracadabra

Thème : Caméléon

Thème : Hey t'as vraiment changé!

Thème : A la vie à la mort

Thème : La ville en changement

Thème : Les 4 saisons

Thème : En chantier

Thème : Gentrification

Thème : Anamorphose

Thème : Les ravages du temps

Thème : Maquillage

Thème : Bodybuilding

Thème : Non humains

Thème : Lucy in the sky

Thème : Procédé naturel

Thème : Grimace

Thème : Mirage

Thème : Übersetzung

Thème : Une planète en plastique

Thème : Un regard dans le passé

Thème : Un regard vers l'avenir

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


All right, everything's in place now.
Strymon Timeline : very powerful delay unit, featuring all sorts of classic or more experimental delays.
EHX Small Clone : the classic chorus unit, this one being a second-hand pedal from the mid-eighties.
EXH Stereo Electric Mistress : flanger/chorus, which makes for a very liquid, moving sound.
Subdecay Quasar : a most interesting phaser pedal, with several waveforms to create a choppy, filter-like effect.
MXR M68 Uni-vibe : gorgeous vibrato, with a round, deep sound.
EHX Nano Big Muff : the miniature version of the classic Big Muff fuzz pedal. It's big, it's hot.
EHX Pog2 : complex octaver pedal.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Synthfest 2015

Synth enthusiasts unite! That's in Nantes, France this weekend.
I had the opportunity to play on a number of vintage synths (Prophet-5, Korg PS-3100, Moog Source) but also recreations of ARP 2600, and obviously the new Korg Odyssey.
Oh, and there was Yves Usson, who helped design the excellent Arturia Minibrute.