Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Showroom Dummy (The Return)

It's been nearly a year since I last posted a little studio tour, so let's sacrifice to the oh-so-geekish exercise...
I won't go too far in details about the instruments themselves and invite you to check out the labels for reviews and samples.

A nice bundle of analogue power here...
We've got the Prophet 08 polyphonic synthesizer on the front, an outstanding, sophisticated machine, and no doubt future classic...
Then the no less fantastic Moog Little Phatty monophonic.
On top of that, Roland's 1986 Alpha Juno-1, a dark, brooding 8 voices synth.
Behind, the mellow, retro-80's sounding Korg Poly-800 (I'm running out of space, don't know where to put that one yet!).

Let's go digital with the deep, deep synthesis of Korg's 1990 Wavestation, the perfect tool for cinematic, creepy atmospheres.
The Roland D550, rack version of the famous D50, is on the right, behind its PG-1000 controller.
There's a Lexicon MX200 reverb unit on top of it, and an Electro Harmonix Big Muff fuzz pedal behind.
The red thing is a TL Audio compressor, on top of a Joemeek ThreeQ preamp/compressor/EQ.
On the left part of the working space, my good old Korg Electribe EMX drum machine, the PG-300 controller for the Alpha Juno-1.
The big white whale is the very newly acquired Crumar Bit-01, a fine and complex 8 voices analogue synth.
Another bunch of analogue Electroharmonix pedals on top of it : Stereo Pulsar (tremolo), Memory Boy (delay), Stereo Electric Mistress (flanger).
Hard to glimpse on the far right behind the table, a Microkorg and a couple more Electro Harmonix tools : the analogue Small Clone (chorus) and Small Stone (phaser).

Guitars, guitars, guitars...
A couple of steel guitars, which I use for my blues albums, and an Emperor Joe Pass hollowbody.
Not pictured : Peavey electro-acoustic, and my beloved Epiphone acoustic.

Software-wise : Sonar LE for recording... Gforce's, Virtual String Machine and M-tron as main VST instruments.


John Fisher said...

you're out of control!!!

khoral said...

And proudly so!